The Dangers and Rewards of Youth Sports

LISTEN HERE to the full message

Frisco was rated “The Top Place to Raise an Athlete” by Men’s Journal in 2011. The result: a booming and active community of soccer moms and baseball dads whose kids are involved in countless athletic programs and have superb places to play.

But have you stopped to consider this investment of time and resources in light your values and beliefs? Have you thought about capitalizing on this opportunity to grow in your faith?

It is almost impossible to raise a child in North Texas without crossing paths with sports. Families in this area are drawn to sports for entertainment, sports for competition, and sports for success. Regardless of our purpose or intent, there is no parent who has not faced the question of involvement with youth sports, having to decide to what extent you and your family will participate.

In this audio message, my friend John Hampton and I set out to encourage and equip you as parents to think Christianly about sports.


CLICK HERE to listen to the message.

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